Stressful situations affect us all from time to time. But stressful situations or emotional responses which do not pass can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. It becomes more difficult to manage our daily lives.

Unfortunately, some of us wait until stress and anxiety have caused a major health issue before seeking help. It might be sleepless nights, increasing irritability and anger, or tearfulness and anger. Or it could be an increase in the frequency of migraines, or bouts of irritable bowel. In some cases, it can result in a combination of these things, and suddenly we find ourselves struggling to cope.

Whilst medication for the symptoms might bring some instant relief, it does not tackle the cause, and the stress will keep coming. Recognising that we need to act to make changes in our lives earlier is essential if we are going to get better and keep on top of things.

Clinical hypnotherapy uses relaxation and visualisation techniques to help us manage stress and anxiety levels. Clients are encouraged to practice these techniques regularly to support sustainable wellbeing improvements. As the hypnotherapy treatment progresses, the client will increasingly find that they can face their daily lives feeling calmer and more confident.

At the same time, they will be better able to tackle obstacles they are facing and identify possible solutions. Most of all, hypnotherapy enables the client to take back control of their life, so that they are better equipped to face the future with renewed optimism and enthusiasm.

Rebecca helped me through a lot of things, such as anxiety and ill health. She helped with the way I thought about things and I will always use the techniques she taught me all the time to get through things. I would totally recommend Rebecca and hypnotherapy. Lovely lady and service – as well as a calm and relaxing environment.
Abbey, Hereford
The most helpful therapy I could ask for, always available when I needed help. I would recommend Rebecca to anybody who needs help in any way, absolutely fantastic lady who makes you feel at ease.
Stuart, Hereford


Results may vary from individual to individual, and the outcome of any therapy session cannot be guaranteed.

Rebecca has clinics in Hereford and Malvern within easy reach of Leominster, Ross-on-Wye, Kington, Ledbury, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester and nearby villages in Worcestershire.

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