Phobias and fears

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is an intense emotional and psychological response to something specific and there are hundreds of different ones. For example, a fear of needles, spiders or enclosed spaces.  When they are at their worst, they can stop you from doing things that you really need or want to do.

How is a phobia affecting you?

Why do phobias develop?

Phobias can develop from various psychological triggers, and no person’s story is the same.

So let’s take a fear of flying as an example. In the past, you might have taken a flight where there was bad turbulence or an unpleasant event. Now rationally, this was just unlucky, because incidents that are  life-threatening are very rare with air travel. But if you were very upset by this experience, your subconscious might become over sensitive. After that, you are much more likely to experience a similar reaction when you next board a plane.

In addition, rising stress and anxiety levels can lead to phobias appearing almost randomly appearing. When this happens the subconscious goes on “red alert”. As a result, everything in your life starts to feel overwhelming and dangerous. The subconscious “scans” your life  for signs of a potential threat. For example, you may suddenly have panic attacks whilst driving, whereas before you enjoyed driving or drive for a living. Or suddenly you feel agoraphobic walking around town or going into a supermarket. 

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help overcome phobias using special techniques.  In short, we persuade the subconscious that the feared experience is actually “boring” and “dull”. As a result, no distress occurs again during that same situation.

I have helped many clients to overcome phobias both common and unusual: everything from fear of flying, heights, spiders, exams; through to driving on motorways and a fear of bridges.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the outcome of any hypnotherapy session cannot be guaranteed

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