So you want to quit smoking?

By the time you have considered clinical hypnotherapy as a possible means to help you achieve this, you may have tried all sorts of different methods, such as nicotine replacement products like patches, gum or e-cigarettes. You may have been along to your doctor’s and got yourself a prescription for Champix or Zyban.

Despite your intentions, you have found that it simply did not work for you. There is a very good reason for this. You believed, or you were led to believe, that your smoking habit was all about a physical addiction to nicotine. Well guess what? That statement simply isn’t true.

Research shows is that your smoking habit is only 5 to 10% about a physical addiction to nicotine. But the other 90% of the habit is psychological. This means that even if you substitute the nicotine from tobacco with another source, you are still dependent psychologically on a powerful negative habit. Which might not seem very comforting to know, but it certainly explains the limited success of nicotine replacement products: they simply do not tackle the underlying psychological reasons for the habit continuing.

Clinical hypnotherapy tackles the psychological 90% of the smoking habit and goes right to the heart of the problem. It seeks to break the psychological hold that smoking has on your daily life. By doing this, you are then better mentally equipped to ride out the temporary discomfort of nicotine withdrawal, and keep yourself focused on your goal of being smoke-free.

Hypnotherapy is not magic, but it can be very powerful and effective. It uses relaxation techniques to engage the part of your brain that has kept you stuck in the vicious cycle of smoking. This part of the brain – the primitive, emotional, subconscious – is more open to positive suggestion when you are relaxed. These positive suggestions and relaxation techniques are intended to have long-lasting effects, because the whole point of the treatment is to enable you to remain smoke-free permanently.

Many of Rebecca’s clients say that after the treatment, it is as if smoking has somehow become irrelevant. They feel calm, confident and motivated to remain smoke free. They stop smoking immediately.

The treatment does not end after the single two hour session. Every client receives a relaxation CD to use whenever they need to, whether to strengthen their resolve if they feel tempted to go back to the old ways, or simply to give them a mental boost as they develop new and healthier patterns of behaviour.

If you really want to quit smoking, get in contact, book the appointment, and bring your smoking habit to an end once and for all.

Best decision I have made in a long time to contact Rebecca, I am no longer addicted to nicotine, nearly a month has past and feeling healthier by the day, I would not hesitate in recommending this service.
Simon, Hereford
Rebecca – I would just like to thank you ever so much for helping me to stop smoking. Having been a smoker for 22 years, and trying just about all of the remedies provided by the NHS, including inhalators, patches and tablets, and anything else that they threw at me and failing miserably, I was beginning to think that I’d never give up smoking. But then, my wife saw one of your posts on one of our local Facebook groups offering an alternative solution to stop smoking, Clinical Hypnotherapy. Well, after a two hour session with you, I can now say that I am a non smoker! Absolutely brilliant! I would recommend Rebecca and this to anyone. Thank you Rebecca for giving myself and my family a fresh outlook on life, smoke free.
Duncan, Hereford


Results may vary from individual to individual, and the outcome of any therapy session cannot be guaranteed.

Rebecca has clinics in Hereford and Malvern within easy reach of Leominster, Ross-on-Wye, Kington, Ledbury, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester and nearby villages in Worcestershire.

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