Is Hypnosis Safe?

Head with a jigsaw piece missing - illustrating how hypnosis can help improve you mental health - Rebecca Edmonds Hypnotherapy -

Clients often ask me two questions: Is hypnosis safe? Does hypnotherapy have any side effects?
I want to reassure you on both counts by explaining properly what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are all about.

When you initially meet a hypnotherapist, you will explain your reasons for seeking help and assistance. You will be asked what you are seeking to achieve from the process. Examples might be: I want to reduce my stress levels; I want to stop drinking; I want to be able to get on an aeroplane; I want to be able to give presentations without freezing.

In other words, you set the objectives and the goals. This is important because everything that takes place during the hypnotherapy sessions from that point forward is intended to help you reach those goals.


The process starts when you are asked to sit or lie down and close your eyes. This is so that you can be as physically relaxed as possible. When you are physically relaxed, you can become mentally relaxed. This is an entirely natural state, and you have nothing to fear. You can open your eyes at any point if you wanted to. For those of you that have attended exercise classes, you will know that at the end of most classes, there is a few minutes of relaxation when the lights are turned down and you lie on the floor. It’s really no different.


The next stage is where the hypnotherapist helps you to use your imagination to visualise certain environments or situations. This is intended to activate the part of the brain ( the “subconscious”) which is currently holding you back. You are being encouraged to focus on how you want your life to be: coping and managing; delivering a presentation confidently; getting on the aeroplane without fear, and so on.

Positive Suggestion

Crucially, the hypnotherapist will include a range of positive suggestions. Some will be conveyed through describing landscapes and scenarios (indirect suggestion); others will relate to your specific circumstances and what you are trying to achieve (direct suggestion). These are all based on the goals and objectives that you agreed with the therapist at the outset.

Natural and Calming

As you can see from the description I have given, the entire process of hypnosis is largely based on relaxation and visualisation techniques. It is perfectly natural, straightforward and pleasant.

After the hypnosis, you can drive your car, go into work or off to the gym. You will not experience any negative side effects, physical or psychological.

But hopefully you will start to feel so much better!

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