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Hypnobirthing for Pregnant Mums

Hypnobirthing is a natural and positive approach towards childbirth based on relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques. It can help you to feel more confident and relaxed wherever your baby is born. So it doesn’t matter whether you are planning to have your baby at home or at hospital; whether you have an epidural or no medication at all; whether you have a water birth or a Caesarean. Whatever the circumstances, hypnobirthing can help!

By practising relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques with a qualified hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing provides a way to prepare yourself for childbirth in the best possible frame of mind : calm, relaxed, confident and joyful. In addition, it provides you with techniques that you can use throughout the delivery itself. Then you will be able to reduce the physical sensations of discomfort and remain in control. Most importantly of all, it can help you to enjoy this momentous and special day!

What service do you offer? What about Online sessions?

I offer individual hypnotherapy sessions both online (over Zoom WhatsApp video chat & Skype) and face to face to prepare you for the birth of your child. In this way, the preparation is tailored specifically to you and addresses all of your concerns.

Preparation usually consists of 6 sessions in the run up to the due date. This is only a guideline based on my professional experience, and you can have less or more sessions depending on how you feel! You will receive a free MP3 relaxation soundtrack at the first session, so that you can continue your preparation at home between sessions.

Need help in Herefordshire or Worcestershire? Or Online over Zoom WhatsApp video chat or Skype?

Rebecca offers online consultations which are just as effective as face to face sessions. During the hypnosis you will have your eyes closed, so there is no disadvantage to conducting the therapy over video chat whilst you are in the comfort of your own home or at another location. All you need is access to a comfortable chair, sofa or bed during the hypnosis itself.

Rebecca also runs clinics in Hereford and in Malvern in Worcestershire. The Hereford clinic is in easy reach of Hereford, Ledbury, Leominster, Kington, Abergavenny, Newent and Ross on Wye. The Malvern clinic is better for those in places such as Malvern, Worcester, Upton upon Severn and Bromyard.

*Disclaimer: results vary from person to person and the outcome of any hypnotherapy session cannot be guaranteed

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Request an appointment online over WhatsApp or Skype or in person at either the Hereford or Malvern clinic

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