Child Birth

If you want to approach childbirth in a positive, relaxed way then hypnotherapy can help. Hypnobirthing helps you to have a calm, relaxed and confident attitude towards the birth itself.

In the Western world, where most births take place in a hospital environment surrounded by high tech equipment, it can be challenging to stay calm and relaxed. The anticipation of pain and lengthy labour creates an expectation for the need of pain relief to get us through it.

Whether you would like to give birth in hospital or at home, hypnotherapy (or hypnobirthing) offers a positive approach. By using and practising relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques, hypnotherapy provides a way to prepare yourself for childbirth in the best possible frame of mind – calm, relaxed, confident and joyful.

Just as crucially, it provides you with techniques that you can use throughout the delivery itself, so that you can reduce the physical sensations of discomfort and remain in control.

Preparation usually consists of 6 sessions in the run up to the due date. You will receive a free CD at the first session, so that you can start practising straight away.

Make your childbirth experience the best it can be, and contact me to make your first appointment.

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