Such as excessive drinking, gambling, drug taking

With any addiction, the basis is overwhelmingly psychological in origin. In simple terms, what typically happens is that at some point in the past, the subconscious has been encouraged through repetition to understand the “activity” (drinking, gambling, drug taking, etc) as necessary for existence.

This can happen in various ways. The person who enjoys the relaxing and social aspects of drinking can start to believe that without alcohol they simply can’t wind down or socialise comfortably. The subconscious interprets this as increasingly necessary for their survival, thus encouraging them to drink more and more until the habit becomes dependence. This is because the subconscious is not an intellect, and cannot rationalise or understand the underlying issues which gave rise to heavy alcohol consumption in the first place. It does not understand that the person has come to use alcohol as a dangerous coping mechanism, which needs to be challenged and interrupted before it gets out of control.

With gambling, the triggers are slightly different. The individual may have been fortunate enough to have some early wins, and starts to believe that they are “lucky”. This leads them to invest more time and money in the activity, and so, yet again, the subconscious interprets the repetitious habit as necessary for survival. There is also the adrenaline rush of the occasional win, which perhaps offers that person an excitement that is lacking elsewhere in their life. By this time, they are becoming the proverbial “mouse on a wheel”, increasingly unable to resist placing bets that result in significant financial losses.

Hypnotherapy gets to the very root of the problem, tackling the subconscious in a way that no other therapy can achieve. It seeks to break the vicious cycles of thinking and behaviour, so that the psychological association between the habit and survival are broken. It is a process, because in the same way that a habit does not become created overnight, neither is it realistic to think that it can be broken in one session. Having said that, the results I have achieved after a couple of sessions have been extremely positive, and I am confident in saying that I have helped dozens of individuals break lifelong addictions to alcohol, gambling and drugs within 8 to 12 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Give me a call, book a first consultation, and let’s tackle your addiction once and for all.

Rebecca has clinics in Hereford and Malvern within easy reach of Leominster, Ross-on-Wye, Kington, Ledbury, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester and nearby villages in Worcestershire.

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